Q1. Should I book an appointment online or call the clinic?

Appointments can be booked through our website, any other aggregator website of your choice or by directly calling the concerned clinic. We do however recommend you check in at the website regardless. Your payment is still made at the time of the visit, but this way, you can always be updated about the Doctor’s timings, not to mention chat with him on whatsapp regarding any specific queries.

Q2. Should I tell the doctor what I googled?

Absolutely! We all google symptoms and research, so as far as we are concerned it’s being proactive about your OWN health, which we love! Let us help you make sense of what you’ve read, clarify any doubts you may have and come to an informed decision.

Q3. What if my friend told me your treatment is wrong?

All our treatment protocols are evidence based & follow major guidelines including the AAO, or EPOS wherever possible. If you have any doubts or concerns, please feel free to raise the issue, and we’d be happy to provide supporting literature & other resources. Irrespective, if your friend is concerned, do find out what they’re basing their opinions on. Papers, research sources and established websites are good; heard stories about second uncles are not. Regardless, we will get to the bottom of it & resolve your worry, that’s a promise!

Q4. What if i want a second opinion?

As the patient, you are the captain of this team, coz it’s YOUR health. We want you to be absolutely confident & certain about any steps you take, so please feel free to ask for one, or to discuss any other doctor’s opinions with us. Your health ALWAYS comes before the Doctor’s ego.

Q5. What happens after we discussed a surgery?

Once we have discussed a surgery, you will receive an email from us with your welcome packet. This will include various resources including the pre op checklist, relevant guidelines & an estimate of Dr. Bhattacharyya’s charges and the hospital charges separately. This is done so that you have complete information available.
We will let you know the documents required for your insurance clearance (if you are going the insurance route) and once confirmed, we will be able to go ahead & schedule the surgery.
1 week before the surgery you will receive a second packet including all labs, anesthesia checklists, post operative instructions etc.
Every surgery with us includes upto 3 post operative visits at NO charge to you! Please try to make sure you attend these.

Q6. Do your charges vary?

No, our charges are constant across centers for the same service. Any differences in your final bill are due to hospital charges. In cases of any doubts, kindly let us know.

Q7. Do you give discounts on surgical charges?

Bundling of surgeries comes with an automatic discount from our end. This is NOT a promotional discount, but a fair trade due to the reduction in overall time taken as the approach, anesthesia times, and prep times are reduced. Please understand that we cannot add unindicated procedures for any purpose whatsoever.

Q8. What if i don't want surgery?

As always, we believe that YOU make the decisions. If we feel that surgery would be a great option we will let you know, but if you choose to wait, we will always respect your choice and go with the next option.

Q9. I am scheduled for an in-clinic procedure, what now?

Some in-clinic procedures may be covered by insurance while others are not. We will check with your provider & confirm. As always, you will be provided with relevant information by email once you are scheduled.

Q10. Where can i find more resources?

Please visit the Education page up top, and scroll down to find relevant resources.

Q11. I don't find the answer to my question

Please contact us by sending us a message directly from the website or through Whatsapp, which may be accessed at the bottom of the Home page.

Q12. How to book an appointment?

Please visit www.drbhattacharyyaENT.com (24/7) to book an appointment.

We are also available over phone from 10 AM to 7 PM. Call 8904006263 or 8904001808 during this time.

Q13. what are the charges?

Charges are 900 Rs for new appointments. 1 free followup till 7 days.

Website promotional discount 100 Rs for appointments booked through www.drbhattacharyyaent.com

Q14. Does the doctor offer online appointments?

Hi we do not routinely offer online appointments as it is very difficult to assess ENT problems without using a scope to look inside the body.

However, for post operative patients, out of town patients, and patients seeking a second opinion we do provide online consult. Kindly call 9663531005 to our business head, Mrs. Cruzie so she can help schedule it.

Q15. Will I get to see the doctor himself in the clinic ?

All our appointments come with a 100% guarantee of meeting Dr. Diptarka personally. In the rare event of the doctor being in an emergency we will call you so you can reschedule/cancel. If you are already at the clinic, you may choose to be attended by one of our other consultants, but that does not count towards your appointment with Dr. Bhattacharyya. You will be eligible for a detailed appointment free of charge anytime within the next 7 days with the doctor.