Pediatric ENT

Kids are far from being little adults. Their physiology is different, as is their mindset. One of the worst things to do is subject them to a painful process, because it creates a lifelong subconscious aversion and fear response. From rapport building to inhibitory gating to reduce pain, we go the extra mile to make sure their experience at the Doctor’s clinic is an enjoyable one. Bring your child in to see the difference!

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Ear Problems

  • Wax removal
  • Infection (Otitis Media/Externa)
  • Foreign Body

Nasal Problems

  • Nasal Allergy
  • Nasal polyps & foreign body
  • Congenital tumors

Throat Problems

  • Recurrent Tonsillitis
  • Epiglottitis & Croup
  • Foreign body


  • Cleft lip & Palate
  • Bat Ear
  • Cysts, tags, sinuses


  • Hemangiomas
  • Dermoids/lipomas etc
  • Angiofibromas

Sleep & Airway

  • Pediatric OSA
  • Choanal atresia
  • Congenital airway syndromes


Additional Information

The MOST common reason we see kids for is Ear discharge. However that may originate from an infection or may simply be Wax impaction. We do NOT recommend putting any ear drops before visually confirming the problem, as drops used wrongly can have significant adverse effects.

Wax removal is often needed, however the most critical issue here is NOT to cause pain. Once the child associates wax removal with pain, future procedures become much harder; and as every parent knows, a kicking, screaming child can be surprisingly strong! This is even more important, as a child who needs wax removal once will most likely be needing it in future a fair number of times, due to his anatomy (which led to the impaction in the first place).

Other common issues including ear infections and foreign body follows the same caveat. Regardless, we will always do for your child what we’d do for our own son or daughter and NOTHING else, cause we know how precious they are!


  • DO NOT put any kind of drops in the ear.
  • If you have had a prior CT scan of the head, bring the CD if it is available.
  • Bring a list of any other medications you have tried


Additional Information

Seven out of 10 children will outgrow their nasal allergies by the time they are 20, and in more than 50% cases we will not do anything more than control the allergies with nasal drops and pills. SO why come in to see us at all?

Two Reasons.
1. A drippy nose & nasal congestion may equally describe enlarged adenoids which can occur without tonsillar enlargement, and is frequently missed and treated as allergies. This is easily remediable with long term relief, and untreated can also lead to snoring or sleep apnea in children with future effects
2. All nasal allergies are not the same. Sometimes children can develop polyps in the nose, which work through different chemical pathways, and thus need to be treated differently. More importantly nasal polyps in children may be associated with other underlying syndromes which may often be missed for a long time (e.g AERD, Cystic Fibrosis).

Other issues, albeit uncommon are nasal cysts and masses. Regardless, Dr Bhattacharyya has received advanced training in Rhinology from some of the highest volume centers in the US & India, and has trained specifically with pediatric rhinology trained surgeons as part of his curriculum. So, let us help you take care of your baby & make sure he enjoys his childhood without limits!


  • DO NOT put any kind of drops in the nose, especially OTRIVIN/XYLOMIST
  • If you have had a prior allergy testing or blood labs within 3 months please bring them
  • We prefer to NOT expose children to Radiation without good cause. So, unless there is specific reason, do NOT get a CT scan or X-Ray study of your own accord.


Additional Information

There was a time when the purpose of tonsils was considered to be so that surgeons could remove them. This however was a gross oversimplification of a common & frustrating problem for the child & the family, not to mention the surgery itself which entails a fairly difficult 48-72 hours for a child.

At our center we follow strict AAOHNS(American Academy of Otolaryngology) guidelines regarding appropriateness of tonsil removal. However, if your child keeps getting recurrent infections leading to him missing school, and perhaps equally importantly not being able to enjoy ice creams & other fun stuff without falling sick, it may be appropriate to come in to see us so you can know your options.

Other throat conditions may be more serious including epiglottitis, allergic edema of the oropharynx & similar problems. Regardless, we will care for your child as our own, and get you through this!


  • DO NOT start Antibiotics without consulting a Doctor; dosages & appropriateness vary widely
  • Do bring all medical reports including vaccination details if available
  • DO take a video of your child’s symptoms, any strange noises etc if you notice anything amiss


Additional Information

Childhood deformities can take a heavy psychological toll, and can often be neglected as trivial. One of our strongest recommendations is to bring your child before they start school, or change schools to us, if you are visiting us for this reason.

Cleft lip or cleft palate repair may need staged surgery & there are different options which may be appropriate. Come visit us to have detailed discussion & to formulate a treatment plan.

Bat ears, or “dumbo” ears, as an unkind nickname, can be a source of great embarrassment for kids, and they often adopt specific camouflaging hairstyles and become shy and withdrawn. This is really unfortunate as the fix is simple, effective and with zero downtime. In upto 70% cases we can do this non-surgically without a scar.

Other common deformities like preauricular or branchial sinuses, thyroglossal cysts or tags can be easily addressed, often in clinic with sedation and zero downtime.

Let’s make sure your child has an incredible childhood and take care of these issues for you


  • DO NOT delay bringing your child to us thinking he is too young. In this case, younger is better. Please Be assured we will NEVER advise anything that is not appropriate for your child’s age and weight
  • If you have had a prior CT scan of the head, bring the CD if it is available.
  • Bring a list of any other medications & vaccination records


Additional Information

Childhood tumors are uncommon, but often misdiagnosed. Tumors may range from hemangiomas, which present with bluish or discolored patches in the head and neck region to nasopharyngeal angiofibromas which can cause nasal obstruction and bleeding.

Careful examination and a high index of suspicion are critical to assess these tumors correctly, and an MRI imaging (or other specialized tests) are often our best friends. Come see us so we can go over the scans and test results in detail together and form a treatment plan.

We understand how crushingly difficult it is as a parent to deal with this, but please understand most of these tumors are benign and easily curable. Remain strong and let’s get you guys through this!


  • DO REMEMBER, asking for a second, third or fourth opinion is your right as a patient.
  • If you have had a prior CT scan/MRI of the head, bring the CD if it is available.
  • Bring a list of any other medications you may be on currently


Additional Information

Pediatric snoring & sleep apnea was virtually unknown just 30 years back, yet currently it is understood to be an extremely important precursor of adult onset Diabetes, high blood pressure & obesity.

As a rule, a child should not be snoring, however not all snoring is sleep apnea. Apnea refers to periodic choking and lack of breathing intermittently, though the latter may be easily missed,

If your child has these symptoms, please consider visiting us sooner rather than later. If you have witnessed the symptoms, then please consider taking a video as that can help us in diagnosis immensely. Your child may sometimes need a sleep study for confirmation, though it is not critical if we have obvious clinical apnea on video. (AAO Guidelines).

In case of doubt, we may need further testing, but the diagnosis is often obvious.


  • DO bring all past reports including vaccination details
  • If your child is not doing well in school recently, this may be the underlying cause, so DO mention it if so.
  • Do let us know if you have Diabetes or if your child had any issues identified prenatally as this may alter our treatment plan.


All good surgeons can give adequate outcomes 85% of the times, however the unending passion and joy of surgery is striving for the last 15%. That means doing all surgeries under magnification to give you the finest scars possible, using surgical adjuncts to promote healing, reducing your downtime.

Dr. Bhattacharyya has trained at many of the premier institutes in India and abroad, including the famed Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. Extensive use of endoscopes, tissue glues, stem cell rich substrates to promote healing, usage of nerve monitoring whenever required are all steps we take to ensure we give you the absolute best chance at great outcomes. Do discuss with us in detail about your surgery, and if you would like a complimentary surgical video, where possible.