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DrBhattacharyyaENT is a completely independent doctor-owned practice which aims to offer evidence-based world class specialized medical care and a premium experience to our clients.  We offer you a different healthcare approach, where you are treated as an equal, all your questions answered and your options explained. We are here to tell you that healthcare need not be impersonal.


Healthcare & you is really a personification of our belief that there should not be any other groups or interests intervening between your doctor providing health care & you. You can be assured that we are always transparent, always promoting your interests & putting your health first, like it should be! 

Essentially this is healthcare one on one. Direct access to your doctor, and knowing that your trust is repaid by our loyalty toward you, with priority real time messaging, members only offers, specific resources and updated guidelines, birthday check ups and much more
We are completely independent, so when you put your faith in us, you can be assured that the only interest we are looking out for is yours!

WHy membership

The Doctor-Patient relationship is age-old, and is based upon trust & mutual respect. But, with changing times & technology something has gone wrong. Large corporate hospitals crunching numbers, dictating doctors to meet targets, too much rush, too little communication.
What happened to the loyalty, the faith in your doctor, the knowledge that his loyalty is towards the patient first & foremost?
These are questions that have troubled Dr. Bhattacharyya for a long time, and from that was born the seed of DrbhattacharyyaENT.

HOW do you become a member

All of our patients get free access to membership. It’s that simple. All Dr. Bhattacharyya’s communications with you will be seperate from the hospital. That means you get your welcome packet, preoperative packet and post operative instructions through your email.

IS there anything else i should know

Yes. We at DrbhattacharyyaENT believe strongly in many social causes. We work with animal rescue organizations to organize neighborhood drives, welfare organizations for the homeless elderly and many more. If you choose, you can receive updates on our work, and support us, not with money, but maybe by spreading the word, or with some extra clothes or boxes you might be throwing out, or even by coming down sometimes to help feed some rescues.


If you have any other questions please check out the FAQ & Help section. If that does not help, send us a message and we will get back to you within 48 hours
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